Offsite Event in Tyrol

Company Offsite with Crime-Event in Tyrol

The Internet Company came for their company offsite from Zurich with buses in the beautiful Alpbachtal in Tyrol to participate in a unique thriller event. 

All Alpbach was event area because the goal was to clarify murder. The participants took on the role of the detective and looked throughout the town for evidence that would expose the offender. Witnesses were thoroughly interviewed and traces secured by forensics. Subsequently, blood samples were tested in a separate laboratory, fingerprints compared and further evidence evaluated.

After a lot of evidence and guesswork by the teams, 1/3 of the teams managed to come up with the right solution and the necessary evidence to solve the case. In the evening the case was resolved. It was shown where the tracks were to be found and all perpetrators and accomplices were revealed. Last but not least, the winning team received its deserved prize.

Thanks to more than 20 actors of the Alpbacher home stage and another 20 helpers ran the company offsite in Tyrol with this unique event highlight run smoothly and the customer was very enthusiastic about the event.

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